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Safety compliant with DIN 58345.

All Liebherr medical storage appliances comply with the DIN standard “Refrigerators for drugs DIN 58345”. This guarantees that the appliances are particularly suitable for medicine storage and that they offer the highest standard for conscientious users.

- Compliant with standard “DIN 58345”.
- Alarm test function.
- Digital temperature display.
- Efficient refrigeration system.
- Forced air cooling.
- Environmentally friendly refrigerant.
- Integrated temperature alarm.
- Hygienic interior for versatile use.
- High loading close-mesh wire shelves.
- Lockable door.
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MKUV1613 Pharmacy Compliance Refrigerators (DIN 58345), Gross capacity: 141 liter, Temperature: 5°C, Door: G Pre-order RM 11,281.25 Buy Now