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- Haier LN2 container are designed and manufactured with heavy duty lockable enclosure offers excellent security.
- Strong, lightweight aluminium construction with dual handles
- Wide range of storage capacities available to accomodate different applications and requirement , ideal for laboratory applications Various types of accessories such as roller base, canister, temperature monitoring and LN2 dispensing available for various applications. Narrow neck design and excellent thermal conductivity reduces evapouration loss of liquid nitrogen toextend storage times

* Other sizes available as well.
Model Description Stock Price Quantity
BE0GRJM0N YDS-20B Liquid nitrogen container for transportation. YDS-20B, 20L, opening diameter 50 mm include jacket Pre-order RM 2,945.00 Buy Now
BE0GRVM0N YDS-47-127 Small sized storage liquid nitrogen container. YDS-47-127, 47L, opening diameter 127mm include 10*Φ72, 276mm round canister , locking cover Pre-order RM 6,115.00 Buy Now