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What can you do?

Personal hygiene and social distancing (>2m) can help to reduce the spread of COVID, one of the key part of your control strategy will be Industrial and Medical Grade Air Filtration Solution with UV Disinfection.

Deploying this portable air cleaner for commercial or industrial use, will reduce the probability of contagion of the Coronavirus where in that location, people might have unknown or known risk of infecting the new virus. This extremely quiet and portable air cleaner, OurAirTK850 utilizes HEPA filtration and UV lights to allow for increased filtration as well as more air changes to provide a cleaner and well-ventilated space. 

  • Suitable for larger rooms up to 70m²
  • Fitted with HEPA H14* filters that capture >99.995% of viruses and mutations
  • Works quietly at low energy consumption
  • Portable – wheel it between rooms
  • Easy to install: simply plug it in (230 V power source)
  • Long-term solution after Corona and availability of vaccinations
  • Size: 1.004 x 0.523 x 1.05m
  • Net weight: 60kg

* according to ISO 29463 and EN 1822

Order online: Include one set of PM Kits (Pre-filter, HEPA filter and UV Lamp)

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OurAir TK850 Portable Air Filtration System Out of Stock RM 27,000.00