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    Product    Life Science     PCR + Laminar Flow Cabinet     3ft PCR + Laminar Flow Cabinet, AC632LFUVC220
• 32" wide
• UVTect™ microprocessor controller.
• Class 100/ISO 5 vertical laminar airflow.
• UV and fluorescent lights.
• Polycarbonate and polypropylene design reflects UV energy.
• Seamless plastic design — no joints or gaps in construction.
• UV shelf with built-in pipette holder.
• Digital UV light timer 0-59 minutes.
• Constant monitoring of UV light and HEPA filter.
• Lab event timer.
• Airflow and filter change audible and visible alarms.
• Full access folding sash.
• Slip-hatch electrical cord access port.
• Shipped fully assembled.

Optional Cart with locking casters, ACA1011 is available.
Model Description Stock Price Quantity
ACA1011 Optional Cart with locking casters Pre-order RM 4,040.00 Buy Now
AC632LFUVC220 32" wide Combination PCR Workstation with Laminar Air Flow Cabinet (Complete with HEPA filter, initial prefilter and pack of 12 prefilter, ACFLFPRE, fluorescent light, UV shelf with pipettor holder, safety switch and slip hatch) Pre-order RM 16,294.00 Buy Now