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Memmert Sterilizer for Face Mask Decontamination

Memmert GmbH + Co.KG dry heat sterilizers type S do perform dry heat sterilization cycles for any other kind of medical item. Respirators or mask can be sterilized using Memmert sterilizers type S as long as:

► the materials the respirators are composed of are compatible to the applied sterilization process parameters, i.e. are compatible to the temperature over time.

► the bioburden of the respirators are established.

► the applied sterilization process is validated, mainly with respect to the load of respirators and the chosen loading configuration.

Recommendations for parameters of dry heat sterilization cycles.

The well-established recommendations for parameters of dry heat sterilization cycles (= time / temperature integral) are:

► 180°C for 30 minutes according to WHO  or

► 160°C for 120 minutes according to European Pharmacopoeia

Basically Memmert sterilizers type S are able to perform these sterilization cycles as any other tailored sterilization cycle by routine (time variable, temperature up to 250°C) as a result of sterilization process validation by routine. However, with respect to the well-established parameters and in order to implement more of a safety margin we recommend using:

► 180°C for 60 minutes  or

► 160°C for 240 minutes

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ef0HpxrfmEM